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    Our Philosophy

    At Childgarden, we believe that all children are unique individuals with thoughts, interests, feelings, needs, and abilities that deserve respect and attention. We view children as “whole” people with social and emotional, as well as cognitive needs. We strive always to provide children with the warmth, support, and emotional nurturing that develop a positive self-concept, a willingness to try, and an ability to interact positively with others.

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    Our Diverse Students

    Diversity is one of Childgarden’s great strengths! Children come to Childgarden from across the St. Louis region, with a wide variety of backgrounds and skills. We encourage our children and families to share their backgrounds and traditions in the classroom.

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    Our Inclusive Classrooms

    Childgarden is a fully inclusive early education program. Children with disabilities and children without disabilities work and learn together in classrooms. In order to support the development of all of our children, Childgarden provides a full array of early intervention services. Whenever possible, early interventions services take place in the classroom or with typically developing peers. This provides an opportunity for all children to learn and grow together.

News and Events

Childgarden has a unique opportunity for a child born between October 3, 2015 – October, 10 2015 to join our Infant Room. If your child fits this age range and you would like to join the Childgarden family, please contact Debbie Schmitz at 314-531-8148 or dschmitz@childgarden.org.

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Our Mission

The mission of Childgarden Early Childhood Center is to provide high quality early care and education to children of all abilities and their families by embracing diversity, building relationships, and having fun while learning.